Los Angeles-based soul pop band Dream Machines sound like nothing you’d expect to hear in 2017. With a brass section meticulously blended with synth progressions, the band–consisting of Harry May Kline (vocals, guitar), Luke Burba (bass, synths), Matt Brown (saxophone), Travis Bunn (drums) and Molly WK (vocals, percussion)– combines elements that seem totally opposite when separated, but make complete and total sense when brought together.

Today, we are thrilled to bring you the stream of their brand new song, “Feel It,” off the band’s upcoming 7-inch release of the same name due out June 23. Dream Machines’ music speaks for itself, but if you really need a comparison to entice you, it sounds like a collaboration between Michael Jackson, Prince and Daft Punk, infusing just the right amount of classic soul and pop mixed in with the electric sounds of the modern era.

Listen to “Feel It” below.

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