I will fully admit upfront that I love professional wrestling. Of course it can be hokey and weird and incomprehensible, but that’s part of the charm for it. Besides, the wrestling of today is nowhere near as bizarre as it used to be. If you need proof or that idea interests you, Netflix‘s newest show GLOW and its trailer might interest you.

Alison Brie plays Ruth Wilder, an actress in the 1980s who is not getting the kind of roles she envisioned. At the end of her rope, she attends an audition for GLOW, which turns out to be the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (while the show is fictional, GLOW was a real thing in the ’80s). The show’s executive producers include Orange Is The New Black‘s Tara Herrmann, Carly Mensch, and Jenji Kohan and looks to take the same approach of using a humorous medium to discuss real issues. In the trailer for GLOW there are already jokes and conversations about rampant sexism in male-dominated fields, racism and stereotyping in entertainment, and drug use. This show is set in the ’80s, so there is so much cocaine use.

We don’t have to wait long for GLOW. The entire first season will be streaming on Netflix on June 23.