It’s no secret that Warner Brothers and DC are definitely looking for a win with their upcoming slate of superhero films after the first round have not gone over particularly well with critics. From what we’ve seen, Wonder Woman looks like the movie to finally put DC films into good graces. We’ve already seen a ton of footage, with trailers coming every few months since last July. As part of last night’s MTV Movie & TV Awards, a final trailer was shared before the film’s release in just a few short weeks.

The trailer is called “Rise of the Warrior,” so naturally there’s a lot of fighting going on. Diana has been trained since childhood in the ways of the warrior, and it definitely shows. What follows is even more new footage of her kicking all sorts of ass during World War I. Some of it is entirely new, while some is extended footage of fight scenes in previous trailers. Also new is our first look at antagonist Dr. Poison, a woman sporting some creepy facial prosthetics and using poison (shockingly) to extend the war indefinitely.

We have extremely high hopes for Wonder Woman, and this trailer only builds up the hype even more. We’ll have to wait until the release date of June 2 to see if our wishes have come true.