Anyone who pursues a passion long enough eventually comes to a crossroads where they have to decide who or what they will become as the years carry on. Will you remain on the path you have followed, or will you break new ground and become something else? No one can tell you the answer other than yourself, and after years of searching Exhausted Pipes seem to have found the answer they have been seeking on their new track “Stay Away.”

Based on the band’s own struggle to find the sound that would match their maturing perspectives on life, “Stay Away” carries a gritty Americana sound that is hard for the ear to deny. Exhausted Pipes’ battle to find peace and understanding with the thing they love serves as the perfect allegory for our own battles in the search for purpose. You relate to the trials faced, and because of this you find the motivation to carry on.

Today, we are thrilled to share the world premiere of Exhausted Pipes’ video for “Stay Away,” which finds the band performing in an environment that reflects their sound. It’s a gorgeous clip that makes clear the work the members of the band have done to become the people they are now. You can view the clip above.

We asked the band to tell us about the inspiration for the clip and this is what they had to say:

“We shot the video for Stay Away in the Berkeley hills, really close to where the photo was taken for our album cover. We wanted to describe the journey of the last 5 years spent working towards this album, and to tell the story of us spending time finding the sound we were looking for. The video starts with us entering a forest of redwoods as we look for the right spot to settle down and write a song. As time passes and the song unfolds, the forest becomes a comforting space that we visit often. As the song builds our instrumentation evolves from simple acoustic instruments to our full electric set-up. The video ends back on the original day with us leaving the woods, looking to the future.”

Exhausted Pipes will release their new record, New Dust, this coming Friday.You can learn more about the album on the band’s official website.