I don’t give the “emo” vibe to too many people. For many, I look like I was a nerd since I was born and just walked out one day and said “I love Green Day” (which might also be true). But through middle/high school I was heavily into bands like Silverstein, Hawthorne Heights, and tons more. More recently, I’ve gotten into a band called Misser following the departure of ex-guitarist Tim Landers, sadly enough.

All of this circles back to today’s premiere of New Jersey emo powerhouse Heavensake and their massive new single/music video, “Bleach.” The band is calling their music part of the “emo revival” and it’s no wonder. Backed by the mind of Man Overboard‘s Nik Bruzzese and the Early November‘s Ace Enders, the band is set to show the world their new EP, Post-Chroma.

With help from Chiodos’ Craig Owens, Heavensake was able to find a more dynamic sound in their 2017 album, Deforme, which led to this stellar 2019 release. It’s more mature, more afluent, and you can feel that with each tune.

On “Bleach,” the band tells Substream, “Hurts – Loneliness – Failure – Loss. How we cope with these things makes all the difference in how we recover. Some will turn to alcohol, drugs, self harm, or even suicide. We believe in hope. Get help//Be help — We all have a part to play.”

Find the new video from Heavensake below.

Post-Chroma Album Artwork: