Rising Canadian recording artist SNJÜ is seeing things in the new visual he just released with “Glide & Swerve.” In a follow-up to his buzzing song “Nobody Like You,” the new vocalist walks around dazed and confused as he depicts overcoming our fears. Stream the new single today via own imprint.

Directed by Diego Joel, the psychological visual takes us deep into the mind of SNJÜ, and as the visual commences, things get even weirder as SNJÜ confronts himself in an out-of-body experience. For SNJÜ, the “Glide & Swerve” trippy ride was years in the making.

“This song was born a few years ago, pre-COVID, while I was on tour,” he says of the song’s concept. “It touches on that uneasy feeling all of us have when we’re in limbo; not where you used to be, but not where we want to be. I feel like presently, I’m better at not letting paranoid thoughts sneak in and I’m unapologetically just doing me. The chorus speaks to being carefree, gliding and swerving, feeling like you’re floating.”

Produced by Hark, “Glide & Swerve” is the latest of more new music to come from SNJÜ in the coming month, which will spawn anticipation for a full-length project. For daily updates on SNJÜ, feel free to follow him on social media. Take a look at “Glide & Swerve” by SNJU, below.