Broadside clearly know how to have a good time. It was just a couple weeks ago when we shared their video for “Hidden Colors” that showcased the band alongside buckets worth of neon paint. The good times continue today as the band have released the title track from their upcoming album, Paradise.

The song is all about pursuing what makes you happy and realizing your potential for a fulfilling life. It’s a definite jam with a call-and-response chorus that is an absolute blast. Seriously, this track is so fun. The video is just as great, with the band dancing and goofing around on an old movie set dressed up as a beach.

Paradise is out on June 16 through Victory Records. The album’s track list is below.

Paradise Track List
01. Hidden Colors
02. Paradise
03. Lose Your Way
04. Disconnect
05. Laps Around A Picture Frame
06. Who Cares
07. Tunnel Vision
08. Summer Stained
09. Miss Imperius
10. Puzzle Pieces
11. I Love You. I Love You. It’s Disgusting