Scottish singer/multi-instrumentalist C Duncan is gearing up to release his highly-anticipated third LP, Health, on March 29th via FatCat Records. The album sees the singer ditch his bedroom-studio for the first time and work with other producers and engineers. The result is a very sought-after sound that is as meaningful as it is cathartic.

The newest single from Health is “Impossible” which offers an accompanying music video, seen below. The track dives into the highs and lows of Duncan’s long-distance relationship with his ex-boyfriend. In a press release, the Scottish singer tells us, “At one point he was working night shifts, so it was very hard to communicate with each other because our schedules were completely out of sync. I wanted to see him all of the time, but it was impossible to do at that point in time.”

A new music video, out today, was recorded at Europe’s largest Elvis Tribute Artist Contest. For the video, Duncan explains, “As a fan of Elvis, and especially his ballads such as ‘It’s Impossible,’ I was really excited by the idea of this video. Its tongue-in-cheek nature and upbeat vibe really fits the music – and who wouldn’t want golfing Elvis’ in their video? It has loads of energy, full of color and vibrancy, and it really is impossible not to get sucked into the weird and wonderful world of Elvis impersonators.”

Eoin Glaister, the video’s director, also says, “Fortunately, Europe’s largest Elvis Tribute Artist Contest Convention was taking place in our shooting window. This wouldn’t have been possible without the kind support of both the convention and the contestants to whom I am eternally grateful. I met some the nicest Elvises I am ever likely to meet. From shaky-kneed 50s kids to jumpsuit-clad Vegas’, we were welcomed with open arms.”

C Duncan is excited to return to the UK this spring. Check out the “Impossible” clip below, along with tracklisting and album artwork for Health.

Health Tracklisting:

  1. Talk Talk Talk
  2. Wrong Side of the Door
  3. Impossible
  4. He Came From The Sun
  5. Holiday Home
  6. Health
  7. Somebody Else’s Home
  8. Blasé
  9. Reverie
  10. Pulses & Rain
  11. Stuck Here With You
  12. Care