It is hard to imagine a movie that could make last year’s runaway hit The Shallows look like child’s play, but that is precisely what is promised with the second trailer for 47 Meters Down. This movie promises more sharks, more characters, and a lot less oxygen. What more could you ask for?

The second 47 Meters Down trailer arrived earlier this week. In it, we see mostly footage from the initial trailer, only this time the editing is far tighter and you walk away with a better sense of the film’s story. Two young women get more than they bargained for when a shark cage excursion leaves them more than one-hundred feet below the ocean surface with a limited (and quickly depleting) amount of oxygen. To make matters worse, there are sharks. Lots of them.

We told you this in our summer preview, but we have already seen 47 Meters Down in its entirety. We are huge fans of the film and we believe most horror fans will feel the same. Plus, who can be mad about spending more time with pop star turned This Is Us superstar Mandy Moore? Certainly not the Substream staff.

47 Meters Down opens in June.