Parisian singer-songwriter Pamela Hute lives in The City Of Love, so naturally that influence is going to seep into her craft. But as we all know, love is complicated, even when the most obvious choice is to just accept it, envelope yourself in it, and enjoy every bit of it into the happily ever after. There are of course many fine lines and contingencies when it comes to love, though, but regardless of the ups and downs, pros and cons, love is a journey. It can be obvious, it can be confusing, it can be terrifying, and it can be vague. For the most part, these are some of the notions that Hute taps into on her newest single.

“‘Fool You’ is precisely an exploration of intense love; how you fool everyone including yourself when you’re in love, and how it’s mandatory to let yourself go to love,” says Hute. “It explores this thin line between love being a total illusion yet an absolute reality. It’s not because you’re inventing a story when you’re in love that the story is not perfectly real. I like the ambiguity of it all.​”

“Fool You” is taken from Hute’s brand new album, Highline, which will be available this Friday, February 24 through My Dear Recordings. Listen to the new track below and let us know what you think.

Touching on the album itself, Hute says, “After the release of my second record, Bandit, in 2013 I felt I needed a huge change in my workflow. I set up new band with an additional guitar player and a female bass player and reconnected to a more instinctive writing process and to simpler sounds. The previous albums were more synthetic and were flirting with the ’80s, but for Highline I was looking for something more personal. I traveled alone a lot to the USA during the writing of the record,” she continues, “and experienced some heavy moments of loneliness and sentimental vacuity. It was harsh in the everyday life but my imagination and creativity was raging. This record is all about that: loneliness, mad love, and wanders. I slowly learned to know myself better.”

Highline can currently be purchased on both vinyl and compact disc through My Dear Recordings.

Hute will have an album release party at Pop Up du Label in Paris, France tomorrow, February 22. She also has upcoming summer and fall tour dates that have yet to be revealed.