Briana Marela announces new album, shares haunting single “Quit”

briana marela
Eleanor Petry

Music can cause a multitude of sensations as we listen to it. Dance tracks drill you directly in the chest, a nice piece of classical music floats gently, and rock reverberates in your head. Briana Marela has released a new single, “Quit,” in advance of her new album Call It Love, and it’s the kind of music that washes over you in a wave.

“Quit” is about a sudden breakup that obviously still weighs heavily on Marela as she sings. Her vocals sound as if they’re submerged under the echoey chasm of synths and percussion. The track centers around the gravely delivered repetition of “You quit calling my name,” and anyone who’s had those recently single blues will feel that pain.

Call It Love will be Marela’s second album with label Jagjaguwar and her fourth overall. The album is due out on August 4 and can be pre-ordered through your preferred medium here. You can listen to a stream of “Quit” via Spotify below.