It’s always hard to say goodbye. It’s true for friends and family, and it also holds true for music. It’s been awhile now since we knew we’d have to say goodbye to Yellowcard, but that hasn’t made it any easier. It hasn’t been easy for the band either, as they show in the new music video for “A Place We Set Afire.” It’s the last music video the band will release.

The video is simple–a celebration of the fans and a behind the scenes look as the band come to grips with the end. There’s concert footage, interaction with fans, glimpses of the band’s loved ones, and short interviews with lead singer Ryan Key as he expresses his thanks to everyone who supported the band. You can tell it’s extremely emotional for everyone involved, and it’s the perfect way to say farewell.

In a press release, Key said, “We are happy to finally release our last music video. We chose ‘A Place We Set Afire’ because the song was inspired by and written for you. We are so grateful to one of our biggest fans and friend, Chris Lawrence, for donating his time and passion for Yellowcard to this video. We hope that you enjoy this final farewell piece. Thank you all for everything.”

The music video for “A Place We Set Afire” is below.

Thank you, Yellowcard, for bringing your music into the world and sharing it with us. You will be sorely missed.