Every new bit of material we get from PWR BTTM just gets us more and more excited for the release of their new album, Pageant. Both “Big Beautiful Day” and “Answer My Text” have stolen our hearts and our ears. Today, the duo took a turn to the introspective, releasing an emotionally powerful new track titled “LOL.”

While there are still sections of dense riffs and drums, “LOL” remains subdued and quiet for the most part. The song is a tale of isolation and emotional pain, specifically due to the scorn of someone that was once special. It’s an issue that is still all too prevalent for LGBTQ+ people of all ages, and Liv Bruce and Ben Hopkins unsurprisingly give it the emotional gravity and seriousness it deserves. The track isn’t really funny at all, but the title comes from the last line– “I don’t know what to say, so I’m laughing out loud.” It’s laughter as a defense mechanism, and it makes the song all the more heartbreaking.

You can listen to “LOL” below. Pageant is PWR BTTM’s second album and will be released on May 12 through Polyvinyl. Pre-orders are ongoing.