Last Friday, K.Flay released her highly anticipated second album, Every Where Is Some Where, and we couldn’t be happier to have it in our lives. It’s fitting then that the first music video from the album is for “Black Wave,” the song that was first shared with us when the album was announced.

As you may recall, “Black Wave” is a dark, foreboding track, and the video is no different. We follow our protagonist through dark streets as she goes to her job working the graveyard shift at a small diner. Things aren’t entirely well with her though, as she suffers attacks that manifest in the form of a blinding spotlight on her wherever she goes. The light is a manifestation of the question posed at the beginning of the video: “If the future is so bright, why does it blind me?” K.Flay also makes appearances briefly throughout the video. Check it out:

NOTE: There are brief strobe light effects throughout the video. 

Every Where Is Some Where is available now through Night Street Records and Interscope.