Aussie five-piece Tonight Alive, recently announced their signing to Hopeless Records. It came after a few months of silence from the band, with many assuming they were working on new music. It seems the suspicions were correct, as they pushed out a brand new track ‘World Away’ with the label switch announcement.

The current tour on UK shores is seemingly an effort to close out the Limitless era and it sees a new look for vocalist McDougall who, in stark contrast to the rest of the band, takes to the stage donned in all white and with a pair of angel wings strapped to her back. Tonight Alive rattles through a lot of their most upbeat or well known tracks; the likes of To Be Free, The Edge and Drive, really lift and, particularly drive, the energy way up. Though there are solemn moments, those ones that make you think while they play out an acoustic track and follows it with a speech. An important note to always believe in yourself. In the end it all leads to a performance of World Away, letting fans hear it for the very first time – even before the actual single had been released – and it is undeniably Tonight Alive. They have a signature sound that works perfectly for them and we can’t wait to hear more new tracks.

Here are the exclusive photos from the night by Kelly Hamilton.