When we shared new music from alt-J with you, we noticed the visuals for the songs indicated that music videos were on the way. The band didn’t let us down in that regard as they just released the music video for “3WW,” the first track from their upcoming album, RELAXER.

The video takes place in a small village in Mexico and is shot entirely without color. The story is a take on the classic tragedy of Romeo & Juliet as our protagonist takes a plant that “kills” her. Her body is then transported out of town to where her love is waiting for her. Unfortunately, a pack of wild dogs complicate things. With the closing visuals finding the couple placing coins over each other’s eyes and the empty coffin laying next to a cliff, it’s safe to assume the two chose to end their lives together. Directed by Young Replicant and with DOP duties from Dustin Lane, the video is outstanding. Check it out:

RELAXER is out on June 2 through Infectious Music. Pre-orders are ongoing.