There is something about indie rock that makes music feel as if it were created specifically to serve as a soundtrack to self-discovery. The pains of growing up, moving on, and learning to let go have been hallmarks of the genre from day one, and thanks to bands like Benchmarks those stories are still being passionately told in venues, basements, and a wide arrays of unorthodox venues in between.

When you hear the music of Benchmarks you feel as if you have tapped into a life lived, but not yet completed. The music the group produces plays like chapters from existence, with each one stacked above those that came before. From a distance their catalog probably resembles a disheveled person fighting to find their way, and I bet if you asked their fans they would say that described them to a ‘T.’ At least, that seems to be the case with the Substream staff.

Today, we are thrilled to partner with Benchmarks to share their new single, “Girls and Boys.” The storytelling outlined in the paragraphs above is as present as ever, and it is accompanied by a driving, midtempo rock sound that is hard to shake. You can experience the song for yourself, below:

When asked about the story behind “Girls and Boys,” Benchmarks told us:

“We’ve been playing this one live for the last two years and I’m glad we finally put it to tape. It started with a friend and I wanting to write a very shoegaz-y dream pop song like The 1975 or something. We got started on it, but it never really turned into anything. About a year later, I still had the chord progression in my head, and I took it to the band. We developed the idea even further, gave it a weird 12/8 time signature, and it became what it is now. Lyrically, it’s sort of about our modern culture of dating, hooking up, or what have you, always looking for something new, and being afraid to lose what you have. I basically stole a lot from Kerouac and it’s sort of a companion piece to “American Night” from our last EP (which also stole a lot from Kerouac, ha).”

If you enjoy “Girls and Boys” you should make it a point to pre-order Benchmarks’ upcoming album, Our Undivided Attention. Click here for details.

Benchmarks will be touring throughout the spring. Dates are as follows:

Tour dates:
3/11 – Nashville, TN – Phat Bites (Todd solo show, with Kill the Mountain, Mike Frazier & the Dying Wild, Kyle Troop & the Heretics)
4/4 – Atlanta, GA – Vinyl (with Killing Kuddles and Reconciler)
4/5 – Charlotte, NC – The Milestone (with Almost People and Old Heavy Hands)
4/6 – Greensboro, NC – The Corner Bar (with AP/OHH)…
4/7 – Raleigh, NC – Slim’s (with AP/OHH/ Dragmatic)
4/8 – Norfolk, VA – Norfolk Tap House (with AP/ The Record Collection)
4/9 – Arlington, VA – House Show
4/10 – Baltimore, MD – The Depot
4/11 – Winchester, VA – Hopscotch Coffee (with Michael Frazier)
4/13 – New Brighton – PA – Wooly Bully’s (with The Hawkeyes)
4/14 – Columbus, OH – The Tree Bar
4/15 – Lexington, KY – The Green Lantern Bar
6/10 – Cincinnati, OH – The Southgate House Revival * (with The Quiet Hollers)
6/13 – Bloomington, IN – TBA *
6/14 – Chicago, IL – Liar’s Club * (with The C-Sides and Halligan)
6/16 – Minneapolis, MN – Hexagon Bar * (with The Right Here and Cory Call of Arliss Nancy)
6/17 – Annandale, MN – Annandale Roadhouse * (with The Right Here and Cory Call of Arliss Nancy)
6/19 – Kansas City, MO – TBA *
6/20 – St. Louis, MO – TBA *
6/21 – Louisville, KY – TBA *

*with Alone at 3am