After album releases in 2012 and 2014, 2016 passed by without new music from English group alt-J. It seems they were just spending a little more time polishing though, as this weekend the band announced their third album, Relaxer, is coming in the summer. Not only that, but they gave us the first track off the album, the cryptically titled “3WW.”

The song finds the group at their minimalist best, with the repeating twang of a guitar and a shaker providing the vast majority of the song’s instrumental sound. It’s over a minute into the song before the music suddenly cuts out and we first hear Joe Newman’s voice. As his voice fades away, the music begins again. The song eventually builds to an explosion of keys and vocals, but overall is a very subdued track. Listen for yourself:

Note: The video included with the single contains many flashing lights and patterns. Readers with photosensitive epilepsy can listen to the Spotify stream right here.

Relaxer will be released on June 9 through Infectious Music. Pre-orders for the album have already begun.