Columbus, Ohio’s Trey Pearson has big plans for 2017, chief among them his debut solo effort under his given name. While we can expect that later this year at some point, Pearson’s brand new single, titled “Silver Horizon,” is available to listen to right now.

While not a huge departure from Pearson’s work in/as Everyday Sunday, “Silver Horizon” has a much more mature, refined sound that stacks up well against the most notable pop powerhouses currently leading the genre. A song of hope and perseverance, the single is equal parts earnest and uplifting but has a pulsating rhythm that will undoubtedly get you up and moving within 10 seconds of its opening.

You can experience Pearson’s new single below. Give it a listen and share your thoughts with us in the comments.

“Silver Horizon” will be officially released tomorrow, February 10 and can be purchased through iTunes.