Song and genre mashups are nothing new, but they do seem to be few and far between these days (apart from seemingly everything imaginable being attached to Smash Mouth’s “All Star”). Artists like Girl Talk are notorious for seamlessly slamming together unexpected track bits that somehow form into fun, coherent Frankenstein monster mashes, but in recent years it’s been harder to come by solid crossovers. In terms of being memorable, Wick-it The Instigator’s combination of Big Boi’s Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty and the Black Keys’ Brothers is pretty flawless. There were also those Death Cab/Kanye mashups floating around online that have since been removed and are a bit harder to track down. And of course, who could forget Danger Mouse’s Grey Album?

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Despite the scarcity of quality mix-ups as of late, some internet hero has created a generator that will allow any average iPod DJ their chance to shine. Want to combine Ludacris with Vanessa Carlton to make “Move A Thousand Miles, Bitch” in a matter of seconds? Just click, drag, drop, and boom—you’ve got Luda’s biting command balanced out by one of the most memorable piano riffs in…forever. You won’t believe how well pretty much every available combination option works on this thing. Make Eminem and Cake join forces for “Real Slim Shady, Long Jacket” or make the Jay Zeezer “99 Problems In The Sun” mash of your dreams. You’re in control, so go give it a spin and let us know what some of your favorite new jams are.

Artists on the generator include Lil Jon, blink-182, Missy Elliot, the White Stripes, T.I., Modest Mouse, Soulja Boy, Fall Out Boy, and so many more.