If you’re in need of something that’s affecting and also possesses the power to make you move, Chicago soul-pop ensemble the Right Now have exactly what you need. In less than two weeks’ time, the band will release a brand new album, titled Starlight, and today we have the honor of sharing it’s latest single with the world.

“Postcard” is a soul-bearing, slowjam-influenced pop anthem that builds and builds throughout its five-minute runtime, eventually erupting in a massive instrumental foundation fronted by Stef Berecz’s powerful vocal prowess. It’s the kind of track that brings the best of ’90s R&B to mind while also feeling fresh within the current pop landscape—one that’s ever crowded with indecipherable similarities.

“When we say that it took five years to make this album, it really isn’t an exaggeration,” says songwriter Brendan O’Connell. “The first demo of ‘Postcard’ dates back to November of 2012. I had been listening to a lot of big, powerful pop music like Jessie Ware and Frank Ocean. I was feeling inspired by these massive, anthemic choruses and wanted something in that vein for Stef. She’s such a powerful pop vocalist and there are times where the genre of soul music won’t exactly let her stretch out like she wants to. ‘Postcard’ was written specifically for her to take on a stadium-sized chorus, something that everyone could sing along with on tour.”

Listen to “Postcard” below and share your thoughts with us in the comments.

Offering more on the single, O’Connell says, “I love the way it turned out. But it wasn’t easy. This was the tune that our producer, Vijay Tellis-Nayak, and I spent countless hours mixing. There are so many details and subtle elements in the tune that took some serious ‘ass power’ to finish—it easily took the longest to mix. We wanted a perfect blend of the acoustic drums and electronic percussion elements, the right reverb on the snare, the best vibe for the synth parts in the second verse…” He continues, “It was a ton of work but I’m definitely happy with the end product. It’s a new direction for the band, but I think we’ve finally written a song—and produced a record—worthy of Stef’s massive talent.”

The Right Now’s Starlight will be out on February 24 and can be pre-ordered now through the band’s website. You can find the band’s upcoming spring tour dates here.