“It can’t be this bleak forever” is a line that gets stuck in my head, partly as a reminder that, well, it can’t be, and also because it’s part of a fantastic song from Spanish Love Songs. Now, it’s worth noting that it immediately is followed by a sarcastic “yeah right,” and generally speaking that’s how it all kind of feels right now.

Earlier this year, Spanish Love Songs released their AOTY-contending Brave Faces, Everyone for all of us to indulge and relate to, with lyrics that touch on loss, drug addiction, and dealing with mental health, such as “Self-Destruction (As A Sensible Career Choice).” Perhaps to our unfortunate luck, the album and it’s songs have only gotten more relatable as the year has went on. Let’s pour one out for 2020, eh?

But, I digress. Spanish Love Songs had went on social media a few months back and asked fans to submit videos of themselves eating cake for a music video. Well, now the time has come for us to see the fruits of their labor of shifting through hours of people eating cake, and your labor for the eating of the actual cake.

This song is about feeling trapped,” the band told BrooklynVegan. “People like to say ‘it gets better’ about depression or anxiety, but this is about that creeping feeling that it might not. That maybe you’ll be stuck feeling a certain way, or working a job you hate, or with a body you hate, forever.

By the time we decided to do another video, the lockdown blues had gotten pretty intense. Being the ultra-positive band that we are, we decided to throw ourselves little solo parties and invited our fans to do the same. Four hours of footage later, it turned out we all needed the party more than we knew.