Hiroshima uproot Tatsuya Oe, who creates under the banner of Dark Model and now resides in New York, is set to release a brand new album on March 24. Saga will be his second full-length as Dark Model, following his 2014 self-titled release, and if the two tracks shared thus far are any indication, Saga will somehow manage to up the epicness of its predecessor.

Dark Model’s music will make you want to suit up for some form of ultimate fantasy battle with orcs and wizards and hordes of dark elves. Oe manages to meld massive orchestral theatrics with elements of electronic music that result in some of the most impressively inventive instrumentals we’ve heard in as long as we can remember. The songs may feel like the score to a film or video game, but they’re entirely enjoyable as stand-alone listens.

Taken from the upcoming Saga, you can enjoy “Survivors” and “Storm Goddess” below.

You can get more information about Saga on Dark Model’s website, where you can also pre-order the album.