Charlotte, North Carolina alternative rock quartet Grown Up Avenger Stuff have gone through a bit of a transformation in recent months, but while the roots of their initial sound (which has been around for the better part of a decade) are still intact, the band’s newest single proves that they’re stronger and more polished than ever.

“A.I.M.” is a noisy indie jam with tinges of punk and ’90s alternative rock that should appeal to fans of any of the above, past or present. The song serves as a strong introduction for their new vocalist, Ray Stern, who we look forward to hearing more from in the future.

Speaking to the chemistry within the band and how the dynamic has clicked with their new vocalist, guitarist John Thomsen has said, “What you get from us live is pure fun rock and roll. The connection and chemistry between us is so strong, especially between Hunter and Tyler, and Ray has proven to be a perfect fit, as though she was created to be the perfect front person for GUAS. There are times when it feels like magic on stage—and there’s no better feeling than when we’ve got the energy going and we’re connecting with the audience. It’s taken us a few recordings to emerge with our own sound free from the references to our influences, and there’s freedom in knowing who we are and being able to express everything in our own unique way.”

These notions are clear on the band’s newest single. Give it a listen below.