Will Smith has had a long, illustrious career. He’s played many parts that have him running into aliens, robots, and weird vampire creatures, which will serve as good practice as he performs alongside an orc. That’s right, Will Smith is dipping his toes into high fantasy with the Netflix Original Film Bright.

The film features Smith as human cop Scott Ward in a world that’s also populated by races that wouldn’t be out of place in a Dungeons & Dragons game. In the brief teaser we definitely see elves, one of whom looks like they may serve as the villain of the film. And of course there’s Joel Edgerton as Jakoby the orc, whom Ward will have to partner with to save the day. Check out the teaser here:

There’s no specific release date for Bright, but we know it’s coming in December. The film is helmed by Suicide Squad director David Ayer.