The technical aspects of music videos often don’t get enough love. There’s a whole team of people behind the scenes that make sure cues are hit, effects work, and the production remains as smooth as possible. When combined with a powerhouse performance, it’s really something to behold. That’s what we have on our hands with the video for “Better Now” from Australian artist Cloves.

The song itself is beautiful, thanks in no small part to Cloves’ stunning vocals. They’re equal parts powerful, rich, and emotional, and when she gets to really belt it there might be tears in your eyes. The video wisely sets the focus on her, with many close-ups of the singer in a warehouse full of lamps. As the lighting constantly changes the shadows that play across her face tell a story just as much as the lyrics. Check out the amazing video:

One thing is for certain about Cloves: We can’t wait to hear and see more from her.