“Final” trailers can be a curse and a blessing. While they’re good for building more anticipation for the movie if done properly, there’s also a very big risk of giving away too much of the movie. That risk is mitigated slightly when we’re talking about a remake, though. All of this is to say that the final trailer for Disney‘s live-action Beauty And The Beast dropped last night, and we are so ready to see this movie.

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The trailer contains a lot of the same footage from previous teases, including Belle (Emma Watson) arriving at the castle, the introduction to the monstrous Beast (Dan Stevens), and the wolf attack that first brings them closer to each other. But there’s plenty of new footage as well. We get to see more village life for Belle, and we see a hilarious and fitting introduction to Gaston’s (Luke Evans) vanity. And they finally sing the song! “They” in this case being Ariana Grande and John Legend, and it sounds as amazing as you would imagine coming from those two. Watch the trailer now:

Beauty And The Beast will dance and sing its way into theaters on March 17.