The Decemberists
The Salt Shed// Chicago, IL // May 21, 2024

Colin Meloy and company were in top form promoting their newest album in Chicago.

The Decemberists have been around for a long time, but each tour feels completely different and new. With the release of their new album, As It Ever Was, So It Will Be Again, the band dives into their folk roots while bringing a bit more pop and eclectic rock into the mix. Alongside their album, the band made a pit stop on their tour in Chicago to play a sold out show at the Salt Shed. Starting out the show with three acoustic songs, with only a few Edison-style light bulbs to illuminate them, the band opened with “Don’t Go Into the Woods” from their new album. At the time of their Chicago show, their new album hadn’t been released yet. Fans had heard a few songs that had been released as singles, but these songs were still very new to them. With that in mind, it was exciting to see how many fans already knew the lyrics to their new songs.

Colin Meloy was in top form at the band’s frontman/vocalist, giving the audience some insight into their new songs. While the band played “Burial Ground”, the singer laughed at the audience and said “you know, a lot of our songs are about dying and death. This is one of them!” Fans cheered at The Decemberists played some fan favorites, like “O, Valencia!” and “The Sporting Life”, the latter of which ended with a short rendition of The Smiths’ “This Charming Man”.  

Their entire set was great from start to finish, including all of the new songs off of As It Ever Was, So It Will Be Again. One of the highlights of the show came during the performance of their new song “Oh No!”, which has a distinct Spanish/swing revival sound to it. Fans danced and sang (even if they didn’t know the words) alongside the band, truly capturing the essence of the evening.

The Decemberists are currently on tour along the West Coast. Tickets for their next shows can be found HERE.