Lessons in life can be hard to learn. Ideally, once we figure out something or someone is bad for us, we steer clear. Unfortunately that’s now how our brains work a lot of the times. We get stuck in the same patterns or attaching ourselves to bad situations over and over. It can be a long, frustrating process to finally free ourselves from these cycles and grow into who we’re meant to be. As these situations begin to unfold again and again we can feel like we’re experiencing deja vu. Nashville pop artist Brit Daniels knows the feeling, and has fittingly dubbed her new single about it “Deja Vu.” We have the premiere of Daniels’s new track right here this morning.

The feeling of “Deja Vu” is one we all know. Daniels begins with lyrics describing the appeal of a relationship she’s been in before, and that allure is a powerful force. The chill beat and synth-filled music lulls the listener into thinking this situation might work out this time around. As we approach the chorus she begins to realize she’s been here before and it might not be the healthiest option, and the music picks up urgency in turn. The dynamic between these two trains of thoughts makes for a fascinating listen, and the carefully crafted pop-stylings of the chorus get better on each listen.

Daniels knows exactly what she’s singing about from personal experience. She says

“’Deja Vu’ has a very vibe-y, moody feel to it combined with catchy melodies. The day my cowriter Jonathan Perkins and I wrote this song, I entered the writing room with this idea because I was going through yet another failed attempt at a relationship. I was thinking about what was going wrong in that current situation, it hit me that I should have seen the signs. All the red flags were there and this particular guy was doing (or not doing) the exact same things that others had in the past, so I had been in a constant state of Deja Vu with this person. This song is definitely my favorite that I’ve released thus far, and it is as vulnerable as it gets because I lived it. Oh, have I lived it, and I feel like a lot of other people have to – especially in this current dating age that we live in.”

Listen to “Deja Vu” below. Chances are you’ll give yourself the feeling from listening to Brit Daniels’s latest so many times.