Rags And Riches releases new single “Graduation” which couldn’t have come at a better time! 

“After skipping college to pursue music, I (Peyton) found myself chasing dreams despite feeling isolated. The lyrics reflect my journey as an indie musician & it’s the first song Tanner and I both sing lead vocals. The song has this almost spunky feel to it and starts with some jealousy about what others may have. It quickly develops into this “this is my world and I’m gonna just be me” vibe and can have every person that hears it bobbing their heads within seconds.”

Brothers, Tanner and Peyton Whitt aim to bring hope and inspire a generation of dreamers. The Lexington, Kentucky duo aren’t just making music, they’re crafting anthems that ignite souls. From the moment they unleashed their debut single, “Speed of Sound” in 2019, the world took notice. With over 930K+ streams and 525K+ video views for “SOS,” they set the stage for an explosive breakout unlike any other.


Their single, “Hello, Goodbye” will give you an idea of just how energetic, funny and charismatic these brothers truly are!

Their debut album, “Always Gold,” dropped in June 2022 via SonaBlast! Records, and the response was nothing short of mind-blowing. With 1.4MIL+ streams in its first week, it’s clear that their sound resonates with fans on a cosmic level.

But perhaps the most thrilling chapter yet? The release of their 8-track EP, “I NEED A HOLIDAY,” in December 2023. With 1.2 million streams in its debut week, it’s a testament to their raw talent and infectious energy. And let’s talk about their playlist prowess in 2023. Landing on Apple Music’s coveted New In Alternative with “Hello, Goodbye”, snagging a spot on Spotify’s Nu Disco playlist with “Flavor” and another Spotify powerhouse playlist, it’s alt good with “holiday.,” they continue to push boundaries and redefine the alt-pop landscape.

Tanner and Peyton aren’t just brothers making music—they’re dreamers, creators, and trailblazers. And as they continue to rise, one thing is certain: their journey is just beginning.

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