Mitski & Julia Jacklin
Auditorium Theatre// Chicago, IL // March 21, 2024

Part immersive theatre, part cathartic concert, Mitski put on the performance of her career.

When Mitski announced her 4-night residency at the Auditorium Theatre in Chicago, tickets went fast. Like, really fast. Mitski’s fanbase is one that rivals any massive pop star in terms of passion and devotion, something that Mitski herself has expressed unease over. Those fans arrived in the thousands on a cold March night for her opening night in Chicago. Accompanied by singer-songwriter Julia Jacklin, Mitski gave her fans a raw, emotional performance that left fans teary eyed and sighing when the house lights came up.

Mitski’s newest album, The Land is Inhospitable and So Are We, is her most personal album to date. Tackling topics like alcoholism, lost love, and anxiety, Mitski’s lyrics resonate with even the most casual listener. For her accompanying tour, she took a more theatrical approach to her performance. Dressed in a simple white shirt and brown slacks and standing on a circular platform, Mitski put on a show that felt more like a play and less like a concert at times. Her movements, facial expressions, and purposeful moments of eye contact were reminiscent of David Byrne and the Talking Heads: the entire show told a story that couldn’t be broken up into individual moments. From start to finish, her show was one of the best performances she’s given in years. 

As Mitski prepares for her next residency, a 4-night stay in Nashville (her current home city), it’s clear to see that she still has so much to say. Each performance undoubtedly offers a unique view into her music, but fans should take note: her stage persona is an act. Mitski still seems as private as ever, and while she bears her soul onstage every night, she takes it with her when the curtains close.

Tickets for Mitski’s tour are available HERE.