Today, acclaimed singer/songwriter Olivia O’Brien has made a triumphant return to her roots with her new single, “blip.”

The widely anticipated new single makes the first single from O’Brien under hew own label, girlhood records (via Warner Music Group’s ADA Worldwide), following her departure from Island Rdcords. For O’Brien, “blip” serves as the lead single from her upcoming EP, which will be released later this summer and mark a fresh chapter in her musical journey.

Ofificslly in the drivers seat of her career now, “blip” reintroduces the star to a captivating new sound that dives deep into her singer-songwriter roots. Inspired by her own experiences with unrequited love, the single serves as a poignant exploration of the longing for connection with someone who may never even reciprocate the feeling.

Drawing from her heartfelt poem on the enduring presence of unrequited love in her life, O’Brien infuses “blip” with soulful melodies and raw emotion, inviting listeners on an introspective journey of love, vulnerability, and self-discovery.

When reflecting on what “blip” means to her O’Brien shares, ’blip’ is a song for my fellow delusional people who fell in love with someone they never dated. This song blossomed from a love of the word “blip” and a poem I wrote about how unrequited love is a lifelong friend of mine. I write songs about loving people who never thought twice about me… so I made another one.” 


Listen to “blip” below.

Boasting over 3.7 million monthly listeners on Spotify, the forthcoming wave of music follows hits, “Empty”, “hate u love u”, and “Jossyln” which collectively have over half a billion streams on Spotify alone. After getting her start as a teen musician, Olivia O’Brien is now a young but determined artist with a clear artistic vision. Olivia has developed a dedicated following across socials with 1.3M followers on Instagram and 1.4M followers on TikTok.