LA-based recording artist LO LA‘s latest release “U Ruined LA” is a heart-wrenching reflection of a failed romance in the city of angels.

“U Ruined LA” by LO LA is a raw and authentic song about post-breakup emotions, depicting the impact of love and departure on the city’s landscape. It’s a testament to LO LA’s ability to capture relatable emotions and share them with the world.

LO LA is a musician who has created 32 songs since 2018, blending indie-pop, alternative, and dream-pop. She has gained a global fan base through her live performances and TikTok live streams. Her music has been streamed over 100 million times across various platforms, including 30 million on Spotify, 2.9 million on YouTube, and 4.5 million on TikTok.

A rising star in Indonesia, with her nightly TikTok live sessions being fan favorites. Her highly anticipated EP, “CRAZY BABY,” is set to release one track each month in the first half of 2023. All songs from the EP have already secured spots on Spotify editorial playlists.

She signed a sync deal with Bodega Sync and her song “SOBER” was featured on Spotify’s Created by Women team.

LO LA’s sold-out show at Bogies in Westlake Village, CA showcased her growing fan base, with her hit song “Dirty Clothes” amassing 5M streams on Spotify. As a TikTok Live creator program participant, LO LA manages her shows with the support of a dedicated TikTok live manager. She attended TikTok’s “In The Mix” festival in Mesa, Arizona as a VIP guest in December 2023.

LO LA connects with fans in bold and creative ways, making unforgettable experiences. Check out Lo La’s new single below. Afterward, feel free to follow the new star on social media.