Today, Los Angeles’ indie/pop artist Talker — aka Celeste Tauchar — has released another mesmerizing new track, “Easygoing.”

Co-written with Jake Finch and Collin Pastore (Lucy Dacus, illuminati hotties, Katie Pruitt), the larger-than-life pop ballad takes Talker’s vulnerability to  new heights, channeling both the emotional spectrum of recent singles “TWENTYSOMETHING” and “Drag Your Feet,” and recent inspirations in Olivia Rodrigo and boygenius.

The end result is a transcendent and profound anthem that tackles the bumpy road to self acceptance, hitting everyone right where it hurts most at times. This is my personal favorite song I’ve ever written, and one of the scariest to release,” Tauchar says.

I tried for so long to fit myself into the comfort zones of other people, to make dynamics work that maybe just weren’t for me. People pleasing and not asking for what I needed. I wish I could say this song was written from a place of ‘I don’t care whaat you think of me’ but in reality it came from a really insecure place, where I felt like because I actually, you know, have needs, I was destined to push people away and be too much.”

As fate would have it, writing “Easygoing” was exactly what Tauchar had spent years trying to figure out and coincidentally lead her to a newfound place of self-acceptance. She continues explaining, “I’m okay with being a lot. I’m okay with asking for what I need. And I won’t make myself smaller… most days.” 

Listen to “Easygoing” below.

With no stone left unturned, the release of “Easygoing” is the energetic kickoff to a moment she’s been building to the whole time — Talker’s long-awaited debut full-length, coming spring/summer 2024. Produced with Collin Pastore & Jake Finch (Lucy Dacus, boygenius, illuminati hotties), Daniel Loumpouridis (Louis the Child, KING MALA, Ryan Woods), Jon Graber (We Are The Union, Goldfinger, The All-American Rejects), and Aidan Hogg (G Flip, Hatchie).