Rising star Joalin has just released her brand new, self produced single “La Chica-cá”, which is out now via Because London Records.

On the track, the 22-year-old artist and dancer revells in the power of vulnerability. A play on Spanish slang that translates to ‘this girl right here’, “La Chica-cá” follows Joalin’s emotional journey through accountability and memories of a love past.

“There’s a lot of soul and feeling in my music,” she says. “I leave a part of me in the songs.”

The release comes paired with an official music video, which was filmed on location in Joalin’s native Finland and which she co-directed alongside Jean-Sébastian Degni.

Speaking about the video, which is set against a snowy Finnish landscape, Joalin reveals: “This music video was a very last minute thing and to be honest I was a little scared for how it would turn out, but I liked the pressure. I loved being able to direct and act at the same time. We had a small but amazing team and filming the music video was super fun. I was freezing 80% of the time, although I was the one that picked the location so I suffered in silence”.

Watch the video for “La Chica-cá” below.

Like her source of inspiration, Joalin’s meditations on love, heartbreak and self-trust are moving and all-encompassing. Set to an intoxicating blend of pop, R&B, and reggaeton-inflected beats, she effortlessly glides from ethereal falsettos to puckish rap-speak, from English to Spanish. Born in Finland, Joalin emigrated to Spain as a toddler, before moving to Mexico with her mother at the age of ten; her formative years spent in the charming beachside town of Playa del Carmen helped her bloom into the artist she is now.

At just 22 years old, Joalin has amassed accolades most artists don’t achieve in a lifetime. The melodic, lo-fi dembow 2022 single, “Angelito” has over 3 million streams and counting; she featured on the Spotify Equal billboard in Times Square, as well as covered Scandinavian Vogue; and her legion of devout fans – which currently sits at 3.2 million on Instagram, 3.1 million on TikTok and over 3 million views on YouTube – are always anticipating her next move.

Her future looks poised for global stardom. With a much-awaited project on the way, she is revelling in the true power in her vulnerability. “I’ve always had this feeling that there’s this big power inside of me that wants to get out,” she beams. “I want to do it all!”