Have you ever listened to an artist and felt like they encapsulated the feeling of home? Virginia-based pop entity HAAS provides listeners that feeling in just a few seconds of pure-hearted music. Led by Sam Haas, HAAS is the definition of comfort – and this ability is a natural fit. Her newest single “Does He Know?” is not only home-y, but a personable collection of lyrics that demonstrates a multi-faceted approach to music. It’s impossible to not find a piece of yourself in HAAS; her emotive, organic perspective is heartbreakingly honest. But upon a deeper dive, HAAS is not just a spiritual being – she’s a loadful of youthful fun. (Photo credit @ashleynixolephotography.)


You’re an artist of many colors, all shades that you paint and create. What makes HAAS so colorfully diverse as a solo entity?

Since I am a solo entity, it gives me the freedom to be playful. I get to try new sounds and talk about new topics, really experiment. I believe there is always room to grow and expand; to push past the limitations that people set.

When you first began to release music as HAAS, your songs were tinged with elements of early 2000’s pop/rock, leaning heavily towards pop punk. Was there a certain emotion that fueled that particular era of your sound?

That sound is genuinely still ingrained in my being. I still will always have that edge to me whether it is heard in current music I am writing or not. It is a safe space for me to always go because I love it so much. Writing during that era was heavily fueled by a failed relationship that ended savagely. I was angry and heartbroken.

Specifically, there are two songs off of your 2019 EP “Love & Loss” that stand out as emotionally charged – “Behind Those Eyes” and “Home”. Did your energy change or evolve at all while you were in the process of creating “Love & Loss”?

“Love & Loss” was a three year writing project for me. It took me a long tine to heal and even have the ability to talk about how I was feeling towards the situations at the time. I believe by the time I was finished with “Love & Loss” I had healed from that pain.

Do you ever wish you had the chance to tour in support of this record, so the overall vibe and energy could fully come to fruition?

Absolutely I wish I was able to tour! Maybe one day I’ll have the ability to play it live for a new audience.

Your style shifted a bit in 2020, towards an almost country-tinged, acoustic-based sound. What brought on this shift? Was it intentional?

I started working with a new producer, Jeff Covert of Wally Cleaver Studios, and he helped me marry two beautiful sides of myself. It was intentional.

Do both sounds – the pop punk grit and the country-fused acoustic-ism – feel natural for HAAS? Maybe one more than the other?

I believe they are very natural for HAAS. I’ve grown up with both in my blood and I believe the songwriting process dictates the life of a song. You will always be surprised by me.

You returned in 2021 with a new single, “Does He Know?”. Did COVID alter any of your original release plans, or was this always the plan?

COVID genuinely altered many plans for me and I am still trying to navigate my way back. “Does He Know?” Was intended to release alongside the music of 2020, but with everything happening it just did not feel right to move forward at the time.

Is HAAS naturally multi-faceted?

I believe HAAS is. There are so many things to do, say and dream up with HAAS. It’s all just beginning.

If a new listener could only choose one song to get the fullest scope of HAAS (in one go), which should it be?

Behind Those Eyes.

It feels like HAAS has unending stories to tell. What’s your next?

My next stories will be about moving out of Virginia and taking the leap to Nashville. I have just recently relocated and am curious of what I am going to discover here. Many more stories for ya on the way!