[Photo: Rob West]

Earlier this month, New York duo Supermassive unleashed their very first single, “Hollow Days,” to great response. Today, we have the honor of sharing the Kyle Monroe-directed music video for the track, which you can find below.

“The main idea behind the ‘Hollow Days’ video was actually pretty simple,” vocalist/bassist Cliff Hodson tells us. “We wanted to keep it straightforward while being artistic and unique. Being a two-piece hard rock band is already something that many people haven’t seen before, so it made sense to make a video that followed that same mentality, and I think we accomplished that.”

What Supermassive lack in lineup, they more than make up for in sound. “Hollow Days” is raw and energetic, packed with distortion, pounding percussion, and a powerful vocal performance. Fans of acts like Muse and Queens Of The Stone Age will likely find themselves playing “Hollow Days” on repeat.

The single is taken from Supermassive’s upcoming debut EP, which was produced by Jim Kaufman (Helmet, Anti-Flag). No release date has been announced as of yet, but you can follow the band on Facebook to keep an eye out for more information. “Hollow Days” is available on iTunes and Amazon.


Speaking to Billboard for the original premiere of “Hollow Days,” Hodson said, “We are going to be doing as much touring as possible, for sure. Everything else is up in the air at this point, but we are going to bust our asses to make sure that 2017 is a good year.”