Yacht Beats, the producer crafting tunes from the heart of the ocean, has dropped a game-changer in the Lofi scene with his latest EP, Lofi Ocean Vol 1, and its slowed-down counterpart, Lofi Ocean Vol 1 SLOWED.

“This EP and the next two dropping soon set the vibe for my project,” said Yacht Beats in a press release. “Lofi can have soul and groove, more in line with its experimental roots. You can study or vibe to Yacht Beats, perfect for date night.”

From the get-go, these EPs are a fresh breeze in the Lofi space, offering a unique blend of originality, smooth vibes, soulful beats, and a touch of experimentation. Yacht Beats effortlessly sets himself apart in the current Lofi landscape. While sharing his backstory, he said: “I’m a South Bronx guy deeply rooted in hip hop. This whole concept is nostalgic and therapeutic for me. After relocating to LA, I spent years globetrotting and working in windowless studios. During rare moments of free time, I used to kayak in Marina Del Rey, gazing at yachts. The idea struck me during a lunch at Long Beach with a friend at the docks. I joked about buying a yacht and turning it into my studio. Surprisingly, my friend thought it was cool, and that’s how it all began.”

Delving into the world of Yacht Beats, we discovered what makes his Lofi so distinctive and appealing. Now is the perfect time to become a fan of Yacht Beats as he prepares for a breakout year.

He says: “I’m unleashing a flood of music, creating without holding back. Collaborating with artists I love, regardless of their following. I’m kickstarting a video podcast in the ocean, “OceanTalk,” featuring multi-cams and drone shots for some sick edits. It’s all about making and releasing, letting the creativity flow.”

Stream the debut EP below.