Today, breakout alt/rock sensation Letdown. has released a brand new single, “Anxiety” and “Making Miseries” — both of which are out now via Big Loud Rock.

Additionally,  Anxiety will be featured on MTV’s wildly popular reality series The Challenge, airing this upcoming Wednesday, January 10th. When asked about the inspiration behind today’s dual release, Letdown. mastermind Blake Coddington shared:

‘Anxiety’ is an introspective song that delves deep into my personal inner fears. It echoes a sense of unease, and the tumultuous journey through the labyrinth of my own anxieties. Painting a picture of vulnerability, the song encapsulates the essence of my inner turmoil – a cathartic exploration of the struggles I face inside myself, inviting listeners to confront their own fears.”

“‘Making Miseries’” is about the negative effect a bad relationship with someone and even yourself can have on your mental state. The song dives right in with the feeling of your whole world being upside down every way you think about it. The song is a wild ride outlining the details and truth of what we’re doing to each other and ourselves and what it looks like.

Listen to both new songs below, and stay tuned for more news coming from Letdown. shortly.