Yeah, yeah, Halloween just happened, Thanksgiving is coming up and the winter holidays soon after – but let’s not let the recent and upcoming festivities distract us from all the new music that’s been coming out over the past few weeks. Because there has been a ton of new music coming out and I sure hope you’ve been paying attention! If not, though, no fear: I’ve curated a list of five tracks that you’re now legally required to listen to.

What’s that, you say? Legally required? Look, I don’t make the rules, I just enforce them… okay, fine, I make the rules since this is my column, after all. Anyway, would you pretty please just check out the new edition of ON REPEAT already?…

Floor Space – “Replay Buttons”

Like many a music writer, I found my footing – and many of my favorite bands – by going to so. many. shows. I’d go see bands I grew up listening to and find a new favorite band through whoever was opening; a few months later I’d see that opener come through town on their own tour and discover a local band that was on the bill. Floor Space is one of those bands, and I’ve felt proud seeing Charlie Bruno continue to make music in the veins of his musicals like Green Day and Jack White. Floor Space’s new album, Maybe This Is It (out now), was produced by John Naclerio (My Chemical Romance) and recorded at Nada Studios. “Replay Buttons” is a highlight from the album, and this tongue-in-cheek, humorous track is one that you will (dare I say it) have on repeat.

408 – “Remember Her Like That”

If you haven’t caught on by now, you should know that I’m a sucker for bands that combine elements of seemingly disparate musical genres. If I had to classify 408, I’d say they’re pop-punk – but they combine a familiar sound with elements of EDM and hip-hop for something quite intriguing. “Remember Her Like That” tells a familiar tale for anyone who’s found it hard to move on without looking back on the past. 408 says about the song, “‘Remember Her Like That’ was written with Nick Bailey, Kyle Fishman and Matt Thiessen of Relient K. The band wanted to tap into their Jimmy Eat World inspirations and make a song that was energetic and anthemic. The band and writers sat in a room in Nashville and shared a story that many have gone through when you no longer have the person you love in your life, but you will always remember her.”

Bo Baskoro – “The Lonely Nights (Acoustic)”

I’ve had my eyes and ears on Bo Baskoro for four years now, and this summer I finally got to speak with him about his new single, “The Lonely Nights.” In that interview, he hinted at an acoustic version of the song to come – and now, it’s finally here. This is no bare-bones take: “The Lonely Nights (acoustic)” swaps the original song’s percussive alt-pop vibe for a rich arrangement centered around an acoustic guitar, strings, and reverberating vocals. Bo Baskoro is the center of the video here – and we as viewers may not technically be in the room with him, but the close-up performance shots will certainly make it feel like we are.

Evening Elephants – “Hush Fires”

Since playing their first show in the summer of 2022, LA indie duo Evening Elephants have been building a buzz through their live shows – from backyards in Echo Park to legendary clubs like The Viper Room. Vocalist Sam Boggs and drummer/producer Brandon Leslie (aka B) were quick friends when they first met, but it took a year for the band – which takes its name from a Naruto reference – to begin. “Hush Fires”, their most recent release, has the chilled-out, everything’s-gonna-be-ok vibe Evening Elephants are known for, but rather than a party starter, this one is a more somber tune that meditates on loss and grief. Evening Elephants have two upcoming shows in LA (El Cid, November 7 and Moroccan Lounge, January 18); keep up with the band online for more info on what they’ve got up their sleeves.

Have Mercy – “Alive”

Last but not least is a band that’s very close to my heart: Baltimore’s own Have Mercy. As an East Coast native, I had the pleasure of seeing them in a handful of cities up and down the eastern seaboard before they split. After reuniting in 2022, the band – Brian Swindle (vocals/guitar), Andrew Johnson (guitar), and Nick Woolford (bass) – are set to release their comeback album, NUMB, on December 8 via Rude Records. “Alive” is the first taste of that record, and the video – which begins with Swindle declining a call from a Big Time Record Executive – feels like a warm, emo hug from a longtime friend. Keep up with Have Mercy on their website and Instagram to see what they’re up to next.