LA based fashion model and alt-metal musician Siiickbrain drops new single “Psychopath” with news of a new album called My Masochistic Mind set to release on December 1st via Lowly Records.

Siiickbrain, the alternative persona of fashion model and musician Caroline Miner Smith, has recruited a massive worldwide cult following on social media, who are drawn to her dark guise and signature, eclectic mashup of alternative, rock, metal, industrial and electronic styles. In the last few years, she’s collaborated with with the likes of Skrillex, Pussy Riot and WILLOW among others, and has racked up millions of streams with singles like “Silence” and “Hellslide.”  Most recently, SIIICKBRAIN teamed up with friend and cohort Maggie Lindemann on the track “deprecating.’

Recently signed to Lowly Records, Siiibrain is set to release her new album, My Masochistic Mind, in December, followed by another album due in early 2024. She’s also got a lot going on, on the fashion side as she’s the creative director at the popular Rose In Good Faith and has big plans for the brand next year. 2024 is undoubtedly going to be a major mainstream breakout for her on multiple fronts.