Folksress Letitia VanSant is a former winner of the Kerrville New Folk Songwriting Competition, who has spent her career refining her repertoire into a bold sound driven with authenticity and a sense of purpose. VanSant’s luminous voice mirrors the rich, emotional quotient of her themes, breathing life into songs that balance contemplative compassion with a righteous fury.

Letitia VanSant is gearing up to release her sophomore album, Circadian, on February 21st via Free Dirt Records. For the record, VanSant enlisted the help of acclaimed producer Neilson Hubbard (Caroline Spence, Apache Relay, Mary Gauthier) and a star-studded cast of session musicians that includes Will Kimbrough, Michael Rinne (Emmylou Harris, Jack White), and Juan Solorzano (Molly Parden, Becca Mancari).

Substream is thrilled to be teaming up with Letitia VanSant to play a small part in the rollout of the stellar album that is Circadian, as today we are exclusively premiering her new single and title-track, “Circadian.” It’s an emotionally-charged single that leads her voice lead the way, with subtle, yet effective instrumentation serving as the background to this powerful performance.

Expanding ont he song, Letitia VanSant explains, “I first got the idea for the song when I read an article about light pollution – it was saying that the fireflies are having trouble finding their mates because they are so confused by all the city lights. And I thought, ‘I can totally relate to that.’ The article stressed that all we have to do to fix the problem is to turn out the lights, or even just some of the lights. It gives me some solace to think that in the midst of an ecological crisis, some of the solutions will require us to simplify our lives – and that is something that many of us desperately need.”

Listen to the single for yourself below.

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