Today, Remo Drive have unveiled a new, introspective single titled “No, There’s No Hope for You.” It is the first new music since 2020’s self produced album, Portraits of an Ugly Man.

Maintaining an unflinching sense of self-awareness that has endeared them to many since their start in the mid-2010’s, the new track is an indie-rock joyride juxtaposed with melancholy, introspective lyrics that depict a common misconception about love.

Expanding on the single, Remo Drive explain, “The subject of the song believes that if he finds the “perfect” person, his life will somehow become less painful. In his search for freedom from pain, the character holds others to unattainable standards and neglects his own shortcomings. These practices only serve to isolate the character further and prevent him from forming meaningful connections with people as they actually exist.”

Check out the animated music video by James Kerr below.