Karlie Redd has made an undeniable impact in dancehall in the past with last year’s hit song “Werk.” The Love and Hip-Hop alum returns to the dance floor with another big song in “Bumper Heavy” featuring Dancehall legend Beenie Man and Destra. The song is a potential caribbean anthem that showcases Redd’s dynamic performances and infectious energy as she sings catchy sing-a-long lyrics about hitting the dancehall to dirty wined. Produced by Superstars Stadic and Jonny
Blaze, “Bumper Heavy” continues to push boundaries and embrace her Caribbean roots while collaborating with two of the most influential names in the genre.

The addition of Beenie Man’s iconic style and lyrical prowess with Destra’s powerhouse vocals elevate the song to new heights, adding a touch of elegance and charm. Blending all parties, the track captures the essence of Caribbean vibes, infusing infectious beats, catchy hooks, and energetic melodies that are impossible to resist. And together, they create an electrifying experience that will undoubtedly make listeners want to hit the dance floor.

“Working with Beenie Man and Destra on ‘Bumper Heavy’ has been an absolute thrill,” said Redd in the song’s press release. “I’ve always admired their artistry, and together, we’ve created something truly special that celebrates our Caribbean heritage and the love we have for our music.”

“Bumper Heavy,” available everywhere independently, sets up anticipation for a forthcoming project. Redd appears to have solidified herself in the dancehall genre with “Werk” and “Bumper Heavy.” The new track is the perfect origin point for newfound fans or fans of the reality star. Karlie Redd is definitely a name that will be at the top of dancehall again in no time.

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