Hailing from Louisiana, Rookie2x’s story is that of perseverance, struggle, and success.

For William, music was always important. But he didn’t start focusing on music unless he knew that he is well-versed in other life skills. His dream of making it big has made him achieve his goal and teach other people that repeating mistakes will never make them successful.

He was always the type of person who believed in himself. Rookie2x started taking music seriously in early December 2018. The biggest influence on him was his elder brother Shou Supreme. Shou was super passionate about music which made a huge impact on William. Shou was always rehearsing and recording with his humble gear and kept sending it to the influential people of the Rap industry.

He continued his brother’s legacy with the first-ever song he made called “Buddies” when he was around 14. Along with his brother Shou Supreme, his producer JordanLivinGood also influenced him to get into the music industry.

When he chose music as a full-time journey, he never dealt with luxurious studios and recording gear. His struggle began when he had to focus a lot on how to overcome his recording problems. He has now dedicated his life to making music and putting it in front of the audience. At first, he started recording his stuff in his bedroom. Then he progressed and built a home studio for himself. But there were times when he even had to record in his car.

His studio album “Calm Before The Storm” was all set to release in Aug 2020, but he got played from his so-called “Homies.” Since then, he has learned the art of staying in solace and staying connected with only the ones he can fully trust. His musical greatness was never to be caged even when people betrayed him. For his quality stuff, he got a Record Deal offer from the World-famous Atlantic records of 2.2m which he humbly rejected.

But how can an upcoming artist with no support reject a record deal from a huge record label? Well, this is where Rookie2x becomes different from the rest of the Rappers in the game. He is not the one to become a slave. With his two companies IndustryPlug101 and GlobalPressUSA, and a 3rd one launching soon, he is making his impact by supporting upcoming artists – instead of battling with them with his Label support.

He is not the one to come in low. As of today, Rookie2x has no dreams of working with this or that Rapper; neither he wants to get signed by a record label. But the most surprising thing is that he picks up the mic only to calm his inner beasts. He is on the path of encouraging his listeners not to make the same mistakes he did in the past – a truly important lesson for the current youth. You should keep an eye on his new track, “Elevated Music,” which will drop soon.