Silent Skies, the captivating musical project of Evergrey’s Tom S. Englund and acclaimed US-based pianist/composer Vikram Shankar, has recently unveiled the first official video for their track “Construct.” The song serves as the opening track for their upcoming dream-like third studio album, titled “Dormant,” scheduled for release on September 1, 2023, via Napalm Records.

“Construct” sets the tone for a soulful and ethereal journey, characterized by expansive atmospheres, iridescent textures, and introspective lyrics. Tom S. Englund’s distinctive voice shines with yearning nuances, conveying emotions that range from despair to hope. Teaming up with the instrumental mastery of Vikram Shankar, the track immerses listeners in a mesmerizing whirlpool of emotions, where getting lost becomes an alluring experience. The accompanying music video for “Construct,” directed by American director Paul Moore and filmed by Moore and Patric Ullaeus, beautifully captures the essence of the music and showcases what truly matters in life – a theme central to Silent Skies’ artistic expression.

Silent Skies expresses their excitement about “Construct” and the upcoming album, stating, “We are thrilled to present ‘Construct,’ the first offering from our new album Dormant. Musically, it explores textures and soundscapes that are new additions to our sonic universe, while retaining the reflective melancholy that defines what we do. The conceptual theme for Dormant has been ‘conversations with life, about life,’ and in ‘Construct,’ you will hear the first part of this conversation. We hope it provokes conversations within yourselves in turn.”

“Dormant” follows in the atmospheric footsteps of Silent Skies’ previous full-length releases, “Nectar” (2022) and “Satellites” (2020). The album promises to enchant listeners with its stunning piano melodies, atmospheric keyboards, lush soundscapes, and hauntingly beautiful vocals. The duo’s brave sonic experimentation combined with their tastefully artistic approach has expanded their musical horizon, making “Dormant” an evocative and captivating experience.

The album encompasses a variety of emotional peaks and valleys, allowing it to speak to a diverse audience with a wide range of experiences and tastes. Silent Skies’ music serves as a profound reflection on the human experience, inviting listeners to engage in their own inner dialogues and introspection.

Reflecting on “Dormant,” Silent Skies shares, “Crafted with immense joy and offered with satisfaction and eagerness, Dormant is our third record over the past 18 months. It propels itself further into uncharted territory, embracing uncertainty like passengers on a train. The freedom of creativity fuels us during the composition and production journey, resulting in intricate details, a plethora of musical landscapes, and an abundance of concepts waiting to be explored. At its core, Dormant delves into the awakening of a sleeping or forgotten consciousness, urging it to be present and take action in the now.”

The album is a profound conversation with life about life itself, encapsulating ongoing dialogue and introspection with their inner selves as they seek equilibrium and harmony. Ultimately, “Dormant” is an exploration of stillness of the mind and soul, a sense of contentment, pride, and connection with one’s most authentic self.

Silent Skies comprises Tom S. Englund on vocals and production, and Vikram Shankar on piano, keyboards, and production.

As they gear up to release “Dormant,” Silent Skies invites listeners to embark on a journey of awakening together. The album promises to be a remarkable addition to their discography, representing a musical testament to the beauty and complexity of life itself. Fans of Silent Skies and newcomers alike are eagerly anticipating the album’s release, set to unveil an unforgettable and immersive musical experience.