RUUD is heating up right now with the fast-rising single, “Fire It Up”. Ready to ignite a trailblazing path to the top, the Norwegian recording artist wants to make an impact like none other. We took a moment with the buzzworthy newcomer to speak on the new single, working with a talented collaborator in Romy Dya, and what can we expect from the rising star in the new year. Check out the complete interview with RUUD below.

What was the inspiration behind “Fire It Up”?

The inspiration probably came from the future bass genre. The first draft was more flume/illenum inspired, but I thought it sounded too generic, so I added some gritty bass in the drop instead.

How was the creative energy between you and Romy Dya?

Well, she just sent me the vocal and I liked it a lot, so I started working on it. She really liked the drafts I sent her, so I guess we agreed on how we wanted it to sound.

Stream RUUD & Romy Dya New Single, “Fire It Up”, available now on Spotify.

What elements from your perspective set apart a “Just OK” track from one that goes on to get millions of plays?

I think it’s about having a good melody, like a good vocal that people easily hook on to. Also, it’s got to sound different from everything else, so it doesn’t fade away With all the other releases that get released every day. «Just OK» tracks usually lack that element or sound that makes it stand out.

What type of artists do you like to collaborate with?

I like to collaborate with good vocalists and songwriters. Pop and EDM artists mainly.

How did you develop your sound that we hear today?

I guess it’s from the way I taught myself to make music and the kind of music I like listening to.

Do you like producing in different spots or at a regular studio?

I usually work best in my own studio, where everything is how I want it.

What goals do you have for 2019?

My goal is to release a few new songs, build my artist career and get a few cool gigs. Just working towards my goals.

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