As rising dance artist Mark Daisy prepares for his anticipated album, Daisyland, he releases the project’s debut single “Runaway.” The upcoming album’s introduction is a collision of vibrant melodies and introspective sound design that captivate listeners with a vibe not quite like anyone else. “Runaway” invites you on a transcendent journey, propelled by the bubble-powered Daisy-Mobile, as you delve into the secrets of this vibrant realm.

In preparation of Daisyland, “Runaway” is the soundtrack that propels you into a realm of musical bliss. The pulsating rhythms and sunny melodies of “Runaway” transport you to an idyllic sanctuary of pure joy. “Runaway” is the perfect origin point for newfound fans ready to hop on the artist’s bandwagon.

What can fans expect from Daisy upcoming album? Mark collaborated with acclaimed talents such as Nicky Night Time (known for his work with Hayden James, Elderbrook, Gorgon City), Noah Schy, and vocal producer Nate Alford (noted for his contributions to Rihanna and Miley Cyrus). Mark Daisy has worked with some of the best, now rolling all of his experience and momentum into one meaningful project. Lastly, Daisyland is where the colors of sound come alive and ignite the spark of infinite possibilities.

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Check out the new single below.