Emerging star O Cinnedi continues her dark reign in today’s music with the release of her powerful new blended hybrid house track called “Bune.” The conjured track reveals O Cinnedi’s next evolution of sound with potent fusion of techno, phonk, and bass house, this haunting opus promises an immersive sojourn into a shadowy and mystical realm. The song’s hypnotizing lyrics and mystic exhibits O Cinnedi’s spellbinding an ethereal experience that transcends mortal confines.

“In the year 2023, artists, whether big or small, can barely survive while trying to make art. Each day, artists are becoming less hopeful for a utopian future. A being has been reincarnated to take control of the money and decide where it goes in the world. It has been sent back to Earth since ancient times, where it will either save or devour the world… What will it choose?”

The backstory, O Cinnedi enchants the music realm with her captivating soundscapes. Her achievements, including over 500,000 streams, collaborations with Archie Pena, and captivating performances at Shambhala alongside artists like Stylust and Tynan, highlight her rise to prominence. From an early age, O Cinnedi immersed herself in the entertainment world, winning numerous dance competitions and gaining recognition under Walt Disney productions. Guided by Grammy Award-winning artists, O Cinnedi excels not only as a performer but also in production, marketing, and branding.

O Cinnedi’s new single is available on all streaming platforms. For more on O Cinnedi, follow her on social media.

Stream it here.