Next-gen singer/songwriter/producer jonny violet rises up to mainstream visibility with the release of the fantasy-driven debut single titled “Dreamer.” The dance track introduces fans to the rising star’s appealing electronic and pop sound and exhibits all the attributes of an artist-to-watch. The song’s trendy sound prepares fans for the artist’s magnetic creativity and preview of what comes next.

“It was about making a song that blended electronic music and acoustic music at the same time,” said jonny violet in a press release. “Blending two voices that wouldn’t typically be together.” “I have a lot planned for the rest of the year, and I have another song I’m going to release. I can’t wait to grow more and have more people discover my music by the time I reach 18.”

“Dreamer” features fellow up-and-coming recording artist Flux. Following “Dreamer,” Flux released two new singles in 2023 with “Truth” and “Away.” Flux appears on “Dreamer” courtesy of Espio Studio.

jonny violet promises more new music in 2023 while preparing for a forthcoming album, as-yet-titled. Up-to-the-minute news will be available on the artist’s social media. “Dreamer” is the perfect origin point for any newfound fan.

Listen to jonny violet’s new song below, and afterward, feel free to follow the rising star on social media.